Psicoacustica e valutazione della qualità sonora.

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Psicoacustica e valutazione della qualità sonora.

Messaggio  Giuseppe Scardamaglia il Mar Ott 30, 2012 4:15 pm

The application of psychoacoustic principles in sound quality evaluation and sound engineering has become more and more accepted in the last decade or so. Twenty years ago, applications of psychoacoustics in noise evaluation were rather exceptional (e.g. Blauert 1986). However, in the meantime, the application of knowledge from psychoacoustics (e.g. Zwicker and Fastl 1999) or even from musical acoustics (e.g. Fastl 2002) in sound quality design is increasing. The relevance of cognitive effects is assessed not only in view of psychological and sociological aspects but also from an engineering point of view.


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